SBS - Speech Broadcast Service

It often happens that one cannot reach a venue of speech of famous speakers, religious and political leaders, lecturers, trainers. Sometimes reaching a Seminar or conference arena is also difficult. With modern communication technology the speech can be heard real-time through your personal phone. The benefit to the speaker or event organizers is that their reach can be enhanced in large multiples while charging those who wish to listen to the speech and the listeners will not miss important occasions if they cannot make it to the venue.

The SBS technology will cover:
• Religious Scholars, Politicians, Professors, Experts and any kind of speakers to enhance their audience size and also make money (if they desire) from the listeners.
• Large audiences to listen to renowned speakers far away from the venue of the speaker by installing sound amplifiers.
• Reduction of security risk under current scenario.
• Live Cricket and other public interest events’ commentary
• Live Mushaira, Qira't Competition etc.
• Listen to all above events at a later stage from the archived recordings.

• Addressing hundreds of thousands of people without accumulating them at one venue
• Minimal cost to the Organizers and the audience to save time and money.
• Maximizing outreach.
• Verifiable virtual audience size.
• Revenue earning opportunity to the Speakers and Event Organizers.
• Revenue for Telco’s

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