Success Stories

NexSource with its partner Telenor has brought a revolution in spreading the awareness programs in all the major world awareness campaigns. Our doctors with a will of determination and dedication are providing with the knowledge to the masses 24/7. We have recorded millions of calls in our campaigns and the people trusted us and enjoy the knowledge being provided by us. The Aim and objective of NexSource and Telenor is to provide with every necessary precaution to make lives safe, we have received calls from across the country. Few of the campaigns were World Tobacco day, Hepatitis, Asthma, Hemophilia, No Tobacco day, Heart day, Diabetes day, Mental Health day, osteoporosis, Polio day, AIDS and World Thalassemia day. The purpose for celebrating these days is to give quick information about the disease and the consequences, measure to control as well as the medicines relating the particular disease. We are proud that by our campaigns we are successfully meeting our targets in giving the information and guidance to the people.

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