VMB - Voice Message Broadcasting

What is VMB - Voice Message Broadcasting?
A pre-recorded business announcement, advertisement or personal message to be sent to prospects, commercial clients & employees. Similarly an emergency Voice Broadcast alert to be broadcast as part of customer service.
Complete delivery reports are available to know the effective delivery status of Messages in this fashion.

VMB Advantages
• Increase response rates and lower marketing costs with its unique approach. With this Person-to-Person medium, a multiplier effect can be achieved in the marketing results.
• According to Seth Godin, author of “Permission Marketing”, your customers are exposed to over 3,000 advertisements a day on the radio, TV, driving down the street, reading the newspaper and even cold calls during dinner. VMB will beat all advertising attacks, as this is a one-to-one advertising approach.

Marketing Advantages

Cross Selling and Up Selling: Increase your customer share, not just your market share. Target your company's leading customer base and consistently provide that customer niche with information regarding product & service upgrades, value-added tips, and other offers specific to their needs. This leads to customer loyalty and cuts down on the number of contacts required to profit.

P2P media specifically for Pre-Call and Post-Call: Increase your direct marketing response rates over night. As you know Information overload is causing lower response rates and declining the return on investment for direct marketing campaigns. You can significantly increase your response rate and improve your ROI by using this new Person-to-Person media. Statistics prove that pre-calling a direct mail piece can raise response rates up to 20%. Eliminate costly telemarketing efforts by broadcasting a friendly message to your customers before (create anticipation) and/or after (highlight a special offer) your direct mail piece is sent. Even a Pre-Call VMB can be sent, before a VMB message itself. This strategy can work with e-mail campaigns as well. Improve customer loyalty and retention with a "personal" message. It has been said that it costs less to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Now you can consistently and costs effectively maintain a close, personal relationship with your customers in the technological world we operate in. Give your company a "friendly voice" when offering information, highlighting discounts, or promoting a contest to increase loyalty to your brand.

Increasing Web Traffic: Attracting customers to your web site is expensive, especially with the inflated cost of banner ads and Internet marketing. Now you have a UNIQUE but cost-effective offline media to drive customers online. Broadcast a friendly message for your customers asking them to visit your site. Offer incentives for them to fill out profiling information while online. VMB is also the fastest method of asking for your customer's e-mail address offline. Offline media to drive customers Online.

Manage Time Sensitive Information and Profit: Timing is everything - alerting your customers to special promotions and time sensitive opportunities can be very profitable. Now you can come up with an idea on Monday and leave a message on Wednesday. While email or SMS offers this capability, it lacks the person-to-person impact of Voice Broadcasting. You can combine both or the three mediums and increase your results by a very good percentage.

Event Promotion:
• A tested and most effective personalized approach to marketing events. Visitation and/or attendance can be enhanced effectively by using VMB.
• Reminders may be broadcasted to invited/registered guests and guidelines may be conveyed precisely.

Product Variations:
• Simple Voice Message in any language
• Celebrity Voice Message

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